Introducing Mobilize Magazine

Mobilize Magazine has launched! Read the full blog post to learn more.

At GridForce, innovation is everything.  Without a doubt, it has always been at the center of our story from day one.  Embracing new concepts, products, and adventures is who we are.  Creating new solutions, solving problems, and helping people is the definition of what we are all about.  We believe that everything is possible and that the possibilities are endless.

As a values-based company, we do everything in alignment with our mission and core values.  Of course, this new project is no exception.  As a result, we’ve translated our mission and values into a brand new product that we know you’ll love!  So many things have contributed to the inspiration of this project.  However, YOU (construction workers and the construction industry) are our guiding inspiration.  Best of all, you can be involved in this product as well.  Mobilize was created to be a community for YOU.  For this reason, you have the opportunity to inspire others.

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