Equipment management

Fleet workflow system for construction companies

Manage Your Fleet, Futuristically

Full equipment tracking and integration system with external telematics systems


Conditions at a glance. Keep an eye on your entire equipment list from any Internet connected device. Track vehicle year, make, model, show-up locations, status, VIN, license plate, state, notes and much more.

Maintenance tracker. View the entire repair and maintenance history of any piece of equipment to identify abuse or overuse.

Maintenance and repair workflow. Allow employees to request repairs and follow up on the progress. Assign equipment maintenance records to your mechanics to create a checklist each day.

Documents in one place. Upload photos of the equipment and important compliance documentation such as insurance, registration or vendor receipts.

Equipment scheduling

Calendars. Allow project managers and general foreman to schedule specialty equipment such as cranes, backyard machines, helicopters, and more directly from your schedule jobs. Dashboards and reports make it easy to see your fleet calendars. Identify equipment required on a calendar to make your logistics easier than ever before.

Maintenance tracker

Maintenance scheduling. Turn your paper-based task management into smart data and create workflows for your team to manage equipment maintenance. Schedule your technicians to complete repair or maintenance assignments, including 90-day inspection, annual dielectric testing, oil changes, BIT inspection and more.

Technician coordination. Schedule and complete equipment maintenance details in the field to enable real-time coordination in your fleet department.

All the documentation. Upload photos of your equipment maintenance. Specify which maintenance records were completed by a vendor and which vendor. Input vehicle mileage and engine hours to always have the most recent mileage and engine hours. Have specific data you need to track? Customization options are available!

Cloud document storage

PDF, photo, and anything else. Take and upload photos directly from your phone or tablet. Upload scans of Insurance, Registration, Vendor Invoices and anything else you need to store. Use documentation and history to show your team information they need to get the job done.

Structured documents. Store all documents associated with that equipment in a structured storage system, accessible from any device with Internet access. Ensure proper compliance and accessibility to important documents such as registration and insurance. Attach dates to your documents to drive compliance due reports.

Ready to use on Day One

  • Email notifications and reminders

  • Roles and permissions

  • Role-based dashboards

  • Pre-defined reports for each role

Mobile-device ready

Works on any internet connected device! The equipment management system is able to work on any internet connected device, including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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Let us help you today. The equipment management system is a fleet workflow system for your construction company. You can request customized fields and create reports based on your data. Contact us today to see how GridForceOne can help you manage your fleet more efficiently!

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