Project management

Work orders management system for construction companies

Manage hundreds of small projects across vast distances

Keep your team Focused and On Schedule from Received to Billing


Track work like a pro. Manage different work types in a standard format to make status reports easy. Reports are easy to customize and only show your team the information they need to get the job done.

Custom workflows. Workflows account for everything between project received and turned in complete. Trigger notification and other processes by using automated workflows for project management.

Keep your crews focused. Organize all pre-job and post-job coordination with vendors. Ensure they have the information they need to complete tasks associated with your projects.

A database built for electrical construction. No construction project is the same, electrical infrastructure is a complex balancing act. Job sites range from in dense city to in the mountains. This project management system was built to work in the field, in the office and everywhere in between.

Built for construction operations

Operations manager. Operations manager gets a unique set of reports and a dashboard that has a view of all operations in the database.

General foreman. General foreman have a view of their crew calendars, assigned projects, field observations, and other information required to manage effectively.

Construction coordinator. Enable real-time coordination in your construction projects. Construction coordinator has a view of jobs assigned requiring their attention. Construction coordinators can easily ensure all conditions are met to ensure the work moves forward.

Office manager. Office managers have a view of all work orders, allowing for easy reporting and estimations on completion dates.

Pre-field to closeout

Permits. Manage permit requirements and create smart workflows based on your data. Easily notify and flag jobs that are at risk of being rescheduled.

Environmental monitors. Indicate restraints are around the job and stay in full compliance with environmental and health regulations. Keep track of environmental provisions easily and ensure the job proceeds as planned.

Pre-job scheduling. Schedule important dates and transform your work order priorities into smart data. Pre-field your jobs on a map to easily plan routes and increase efficiency. Integrate with your existing systems such as Route4Me.

Post-job repair. Schedule and follow up on masonry, concrete or asphalt repair, after the job is complete.

Project document storage

PDF, photo, and anything else. Take and upload photos directly from your phone or tablet. Upload scans of Work Order Maps, Supporting Documentation, Vendor Invoices and anything else you need to store. Use documentation and history to show your team information they need to get the job done.

Structured project documents. Store all documents associated with that project in a structured storage system, accessible from any device with Internet access. Ensure proper compliance and accessibility to important documents such as permits and traffic control plans. Add document workflows and automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity at your construction company.

Ready to use on Day One

  • Email notifications and reminders

  • Roles and permissions

  • Role-based dashboards

  • Pre-defined reports for each role

Mobile-device ready

Works on any internet connected device! The project management system is able to work on any internet connected device, including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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Let us help you today. The work order management management system is a project workflow system for your construction company. You can request customized fields and create reports based on your data. Contact us today to see how GridForceOne can help you manage your work orders more efficiently!

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