Safety observations

Field observation system for construction companies

Safety is #1 at Every Construction Company.

Put safety first with digital field observations forms that allow you to track and trend data.


Digital safety observations. This app allows capturing and storing your teams’ regularly conducted safety observations from any Internet connected device. Safety observations are stored in electronic format, so you can track and trend data to identify at risk behaviors in human and organizational performance.

Review data. Demonstrate your commitment to safety by using field observation data to identify and correct unsafe behaviors that could lead to a near miss.

Electronic format. Create ad-hoc reports and export data to be used in other systems. Easily share observations via email or PDF download.

Trend data. Analyze your observation data over time to see which areas need improvement.

Job-site and safety ratings.

Safety ratings. Track your safety scores to ensure your jobs are in full compliance. Summarize top safe and top at-risk behaviors and compare safety ratings across your organization.

Modern storage. Store all documents whether PDF, pictures, video, and more within a structured storage system that is accessible from any device via Internet. Email individual observations or documents to third parties or the general contractor.

Custom forms. Additional customization is available for your organization. Send us your current safety observation form and we will digitize it for you.

Field observation documents.

Upload photos instantly. From your mobile device, you can instantly take and upload photo to the field observation form.

Filter attachments. Filter your field observations by work type, crew, observer and much more. Dashboards and reports make it easy to see an overall picture of your safety observation participation.

Structured storage. Documents uploaded are structured in a way to provide extend-ability to machine learning capabilities.

Ready to use on Day One

  • Email notifications and reminders

  • Roles and permissions

  • Role-based dashboards

  • Pre-defined reports for each role

Mobile-device ready

Works on any internet connected device. The equipment management system is able to work on any internet connected device, including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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Field observation consultation is free

Let us help you today. The field observation system is a safety workflow system for your construction company. You can request customized fields and create reports based on your data. Contact us today to see how GridForceOne can help you digitize your field safety observations!

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