Use Cases for FieldFirst Camera in Forestry Timber Falling Operations

Forest Restoration Projects
FieldFirst Camera can assist in showcasing the transformation of damaged areas into healthy forests, demonstrating the success of restoration projects to stakeholders, and providing evidence for grant applications.

Timber Harvesting Documentation
FieldFirst Camera plays a crucial role in documenting the condition of the forest before and after harvesting, identifying potential hazards, and verifying compliance with environmental regulations.

Tree Clearing for Fire Prevention
Use FieldFirst Camera to show the extent of tree clearance, identify potential hazards, and provide evidence of compliance with regulations for fire prevention efforts.

Firebreak Creation
FieldFirst Camera can help demonstrate the effectiveness of firebreaks, document potential hazards, and provide evidence for legal purposes related to fire prevention and control.

Large Tree Felling
For felling large trees, FieldFirst Camera aids in assessing the tree’s condition, documenting hazards or risks, and providing evidence for quality control to ensure safe and efficient operations.

These use cases highlight how FieldFirst Camera can enhance photo documentation in forestry timber falling operations, improving safety, compliance, and project management in forest management and restoration projects.

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