What is a Construction Project Manager?

A construction project manager oversees administrative tasks related to the field operations in construction. A project manager must maintain a positive relationship with clients, team members, subcontractors, and vendors. In coordination with general foremen, a project manager helps manage resources, schedules, and budgets. A project manager schedules and reduces conflicts with key stakeholders in the project.

What a construction project manager does is not only oversee the entire project, but also oversee pre-construction all the way to close-out. The project manager is an extension of the sub-contractor’s team, whereas they are able to guide vendors in accordance with their company’s goals.

Construction project managers are responsible for setting schedules and making certain that all vendors are doing what they should be doing, when they should be doing it. Construction project managers must ensure compliance with safety regulations and all other codes. They delegate responsibilities and manage resources throughout the construction project.

Some of the skills a construction project manager requires include knowledge of construction, being highly organized, and ability to plan ahead. Project managers must also be familiar with construction management software programs and be able to multi-task while understanding their core duties. A construction project manager must have excellent communication skills and interpersonal abilities.

A project manager might also be known as a construction coordinator. In electrical construction, a construction coordinator supports the general foreman and entire supporting crew. Items such as permits, excavation alerts, pre-fielding, traffic control set up, vegetation management, joint meets, environmental clearance, are just some of the many tasks a construction project coordinator must manage.

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