What is a Utility Contractor?

A utility contractor supports the construction and maintenance of vital infrastructure. Electrical utility contractors provide critical services, from overhead and underground installations and repairs to ongoing maintenance.

Utility contractors include functions outside of construction itself, that are necessary to complete the work. This includes, but not limited to companies providing services such as manufacturing, shipping, excavation, traffic control, safety observations, repair, heavy equipment, vegetation management and much more.

Utility contractors typically bid on the work from the utility company. This process is highly secretive and complex. Once work is secured, the utility contractor will likely receive work orders or requests for crews to show up at the utility company. Work orders may be managed from start to finish, accounting for material, scheduling, permits, notifications, and all associated documents. Once work is complete, the utility contractor will bill the utility company for work done. As with most businesses, utility contractor allows for utility company to scale construction of critical infrastructure as needed or during an emergency.