What is a Construction Foreman?

An electrical construction foreman is a construction worker with many years experience in the electrical trade. Foremen are charged with organizing the day-to-day construction of a particular project, while working at a construction contractor. Typically the foreman is a person with specialist knowledge of the electrical trade, who has moved into the position and is now focused on overall management of his trade on the job site. The foreman is responsible for providing proper documentation to his workers so that they can safely proceed with tasks. Foremen are also responsible for providing proper documentation as work is completed. A foreman is not to be confused with a project manager, project supervisor, superintendent, or general foreman. A foreman typically has up to 6 additional employees to complete the crew, ranging in classifications such as Apprentice, Groundman, Lineman, or Operator.

Construction safety must be very important to a foreman to ensure a safe work environment for his or her crew. The foreman is responsible for educating each construction worker at each construction job site to minimize injury. Foreman are responsible for preventing common incidents including falls, being caught between objects, electrocutions, and being struck by objects. Failures in hazard identification are often due to limited or improper training and supervision of workers. Employees on construction sites also need to be aware of dangers on the ground, above the ground and in the environment. Foreman ensure construction workers are properly trained and educated on the task before working, or when specifications change due to environmental or outside conditions. Coaching construction site foreman to include safety in the daily verbal exchanges with workers reduce work related accidents. Mobile apps and other technologies make it possible for sharing knowledge easier than ever.

Construction Foremen typically get work scheduled for them. Foreman get an overview of the scheduled work including outage information, traffic control, hazmat, environmental, important contacts and a work order map provided by the general contractor. Foremen are responsible for ensuring equipment is working and in proper condition.

Foremen are responsible for accurately documenting the work they did, the equipment used, the employees on the job site and how many hours the job took. Documenting the status of construction and taking completed photos with GPS stamps ensure the company can provide the documentation needed to get paid.

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