What is a Construction Operations Manager?

An operations manager is a highly skilled construction worker that is a key part of the larger construction organization. Operation managers oversee all phases of construction and is responsible for attracting and retaining employees. Operations managers provide leadership for the organization by working with all senior stakeholders to execute short-term and long-term goals. Operations managers identify and address issues internally such as bad processes, toxic employees, and anything else preventing operations from running smoothly. They will often identify bottlenecks in the company and improve the process or increase manpower as needed.

Operation managers must have strong leadership skills and effectively delegate tasks to other team members. Operations managers are the link between the field workers, the office staff, and the corporate. Their role is critical to providing proper education and training to their fellow workers.  Operations managers often deal with blueprints and contracts, understanding the entire process from start to finish. A good decision-making process and problem-solving skills may be the most important part of any managers’ duties.

Because the job of a construction operations managers works in a ‘vacuum’, it’s likely this individual attends industry events to gain a larger view of the current landscape and what is coming. Construction operations managers are also known as COO or Chief Operation Officer. The overall duty of this role is to increase and reinforce good business processes in the company.

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