What is a Construction Superintendent?

A construction superintendent is a highly experienced construction worker that understands the increasing complexity of construction processes. Much of the training a superintendent relies on is through formal education and entry-level roles on a construction site. Construction superintendent have demonstrated leadership and excellence in managing all phases of construction. Skills that a construction superintendent must have include cost management, project management, quality management, risk management, human resources and safety compliance. Superintendents must also have both written and verbal communication skills. Superintendents must be able to give clear instructions, explaining complex construction processes broken down into simple steps for construction workers. Superintendents must have decision making skills and analytic skills to succeed.

Because superintendents might oversee many general foreman, they are responsible for everybody at the construction site. Construction superintendents must have strong leadership skills, effectively delegating tasks to workers, contractors and other team members. Superintendents must have hard skills and knowledge of construction to be successful in this role. Since many people rely upon them, they must understand construction methods and technologies, be able to interpret blueprints and contracts, and also use construction management software to identify bottlenecks and correct them.

The construction superintendent is likely to have a main office, and spend most of their time in the field, at a job site, or at the general contractors office, while also responsible for supervising all workers. Superintendents are likely responsible for certain accounting functions as well as the general contractor customer-success interface. A construction superintendent’s role is highly complex and includes human resource management, coordinating employees, education, and a dedication to safety.

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