What is a Digital Workflow?

A digital workflow is the series of steps taken to achieve a goal or result, on a computer or device. Workflow automation is when those digital processes are automated based on a set of rules. Once a digital workflow system is in place, your data tends to be more consistent because steps are required in order to complete the workflow.

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Electrical construction is made of innumerable processes that essentially develop on their own. Managing these workflows whether a simple checklist or an advanced digital workflow software, is how organizations improve efficiency. The benefits of a workflow automation software such as a database allows users to interact with a familiar dashboard or set of reports.

Before you can implement a workflow automation software to make your company a well-oiled machine, you must document the current workflows.

An example of workflow automation in electrical construction, would be the relationship between the project manager and general foreman. When a general foreman schedules a job weeks in advance, the project manager might receive an email notification or see the job on their dashboard.

Another example would be when the work is assigned to the general foreman, the system sends out an email notification. Since a workflow automation system relies on a set of data, you must map out the fields and information you need to collect. For example if you track due dates on projects, you can create reminders and notifications or re-prioritize the work entirely.

Having one central system for your data means that the general foreman could also request equipment repairs directly from the same dashboard that they schedule work or submit field observations.

The power of workflow automation lies within the logic of your business workflows.

Processes in your business are likely reacting to changes in other departments and it’s these processes that you can digitize, and iterate on.

Once your team is used to using a database or digital workflow software, you can see the effects on productivity and outcomes, allowing you to improve the areas in which you need it.

Doing this digital transformation allow you to see every task and process, allowing you to identify bottlenecks and issues at any stage in the process.

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