What is a Gantt Chart?


A Gantt Chart is a viable project management tool used for scheduling and planning projects of small, medium, and large scale. This chart comes in handy when handling projects that are complex in nature. Project managers and evaluators use Gantt charts to simplify complex projects so as to make them clear, concise, and simplistic in nature. The Gantt Chart was invented by an American mechanical engineer by the name Henry Gantt in 1910.

In a Gantt Chart, project tasks and timelines are converted into a bar chart (horizontal) showing the project start date and end date. Other information revealed by the chart include

  • Project dependency
  • Scheduling
  • Deadlines
  • Percentage of tasks completed per stage
  • The name employee responsible for the task

A Gantt Chart is a useful tool for ensuring that tasks are executed in a schedule. It also affords project managers the opportunity to track the work of team members at all times.


What the bar chart in Gantt will reveal

Gantt allows you to track work progress at a quick glance by revealing the following:

  • A pictorial display of the entire project
  • Project deadlines and timelines
  • Relationship between various tasks and phases

Benefits of using a Gantt Chart for your project

This chart offers users the following benefits.

#1. Track progress

Projects are time-bound, so tracking the progress of work is critical if you want to meet set objectives within allowed timeframes.

#2. Evaluate performance

Another benefit of the Gantt chart is that it helps you to evaluate the performance of team members as well as to track their progress. The chart might also paint a clear picture of team members that are productive and the ones that aren’t.

#3. Task Scheduling

As a manager, you can schedule tasks allotted to your team members by assigning tasks to capable handlers and timing the completion of such tasks accordingly.


A Gantt Chart is not the only project management tool available to construction managers; however, it is one of the most viable tools that are easy to use and understand even by greenhorn managers. It reveals pictorial and data evidence that can guide managers as they progress from one work phase to the next.

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